With PlantNet you can’t be caught out on mountain flora!

Nature lovers or simply curious about the flora, here is the perfect application to use during your hiking days. PlantNet allows you to identify, in only a few seconds, the plants and the different flowers you’ll see along your walk!

®‎ µµ – Muriel_vd

To know a plant’s name, it’s as easy as pie! You just have to take or select a picture of leaf, flower, fruit or trunk and then start searching through the application PlantNet. Your picture will be compared in a few seconds to the botanical image database that counts more than 190 000 images, listing around 6 000 varieties of flowers. For a better result, you can even take up to 5 pictures by plant.


Once your plant is identified, you will have access to all the pictures taken by the whole users, giving you the opportunity to see your plant in different ways. Moreover, if you already know a plant, you can contribute to the application development by adding your own information. Another handy feature: the lexicon of thousands of known plants!

This application is free, but for the moment only available in French! But since it’s a friendly user app, you should be able to use it anyway!

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