Ready to play hide and seek?

For this game of hide and seek, we need to be observant otherwise we may miss out on many animals, hiden in their environment!

We often say that nature does things well, and this series of pictures prove it! To remain incognito, nothing is left to chance and not just the chameleon has a parade. Wolf, spider, tiger, fish, crocodile, snake and lizard, everyone is able to get lost in the nature, to escape their predator or conversely, to surprise their prey.

If in some photos it’s kind of easy to identify them, we are pretty sure that for some of the images below, a glance is not enough to discover which animal hides in it!

arctic fox 04
© Michael Windle

Photo 2 Bis - Christian Ziegler
© Christian Ziegler

Photo 0 - Anish Krishnan
© Anish Krishnan

Photo 1 - Sunny Lim
© Sunny-Lim

Photo 3 - Christian Ziegler
© Christian Ziegler

Photo 4 - Mike Martin
© Mike-Martin

Photo 5 - Juan Aragones
© Juan Aragones

Photo 8 - ProfMoreau
© ProfMoreau

Photo 6 - Piet Grobler
© Piet Grobler

Photo 2 - Spandana Arvapalli
© Spandana Arvapalli

Photo 7 - Vamini Sethi
© Vamini Sethi




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