Rebirth is a synonym of renewal, revival or reincarnation. This is exactly the feeling generated by a weekend sleeping in the middle of a forest for a beautiful young couple! 

Very often, we just need a little thing or simple moments to wake up our mind and make us disconnect for a weekend. Bird songs, the sound of the wind moving the trees leaves, walking on the grass or watching small animals in the woods were the key elements of the restorative bivouac of these two young people. For them, this kind of adventure is a great dose of energy we would love to get every morning.

A tent, a sleeping bag and a picnic gear will be enough to get away for a few days and take benefit from the blessings of nature.

A short movie made by Rbnisonfire.

Camping nature

Camping nature 2

Camping nature 3

Camping nature 4

Camping nature 5

Camping nature 6



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