Trek & human adventure on the Reunion island

To start a trek by yourself, in self-sufficiency is an adventure full of surprises. Quentin, author of the blog “En quête de courses” told us his own experience on the volcanic and mountainous Reunion island and shows us that despite the difficulty and the unexpected, such a trip is a really great experience.

Quentin Danel Reunion

“Return trip of an inhabitant of the Picardie” is the story of my journey on the Reunion Island. I had imagined a sporting adventure, but it was mostly a human one.

My original goal – crossing the island from Saint-Denis by the GR R2 – comes to a sudden end. Hardly tolerated the heat, the weight of my bag, the loneliness and the lack of sleep, I decided to quit the original project right after the second step. This was a very difficult time, it’s not easy to give up.

After this questioning, I give another direction to my trip: I will go directly by bus or hitchhiking to remarkable places of the island. My new major goals were: The Piton des Neiges, the Piton de la Fournaise and of course, the Cirque de Mafate.

Program: sleeping in the highest place of the Indian Ocean, observing one of the most active volcanoes in the world and going through the slave history of Mafate.
With all my hikes, I meet the people of the Reunion and measure their  huge generosity. During hard times, I know I can count on them. Whether by offering me tea, taking me while I was hitchhiking or by helping me to find my way, they have always been very welcoming.

I suffered a lot during this trip, mostly at the beginning, but with hindsight it was the price to pay for making this adventure more beautiful. I learned a lot from this first trek that should be in total self-sufficiency, especially that’s really difficult to hike alone but fortunately, on the Reunion island, we are never really alone.

Reunion is a small island, but its treasures are huge. We must leave the coast to enjoy all its beautiful characteristics.

To read the complete story of Quentin, it’s here: Return trip of an inhabitant of the Picardie (in French only)

Aventure réunion Quentin Danel

Mafate Reunion Quentin Danel

Trek Réunion Quentin Danel

Ile de la réunion Quentin Danel 2

Quentin Danel trek reunion

Trek Réunion Quentin Danel 2



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