Shh, we shoot!

Connected with the latest Quechua campaign, the Hiking on the Moon’s team showed you the official advertising, brought you in the backstages of its design and introduced you to Charlotte, the first fan of Quechua who features in an advertising. This adventure is not over, and we keep the best for last!

Let’s discover today the making-of and the loveliest scenes with animals. On this point, the Hiking on the Moon’s team wishes to let you know more about the shooting.

Quechua is since its creation respectful of its environment and works toward a world where humans and nature live harmoniously. And the last ad « X-light, we all need warmth» follows these precepts. The animals you see in the ad are not wild animals, they are trained by professionals.

During the making of this short movie, the team did what was necessary to avoid any stress for the animals. For the part shot in New-Zealand, Quechua chose to work with local professional animal trainers, to avoid having the animals to travel from one country to another.

Enjoy the making of and have a great weekend!





Bébé Loup


Bébé Loup3









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