The Quechua’s playlist just for you!

Here at Quechua, ​each piece of music you can hear in our ads is a creation from the “Chut on vous écoute” studio. You already are a lot to enjoy these pieces of music, and that’s why we have decided to set up a special Quechua’s playlist that you can take with you everywhere !

So, on the playlist below you can find all our musics. To be listened timeless!

The Hiking on the Moon team is taking you on a journey to discover how a tailor-suit music is made! Nicolas Duperron, one of the 3 associates of “Chut on vous écoute”, will be our guide.

[Hiking on the Moon] Nicolas, can you tell us who is behind “Chut on vous écoute”?
Nicolas Duperron: “Chut on vous écoute”, is a studio that creates tailor-suit music and musical identities, which can also be called sound design. By tailor-suit music I mean composing exclusive music for brands thanks to our team of composers and singers. We also have a more global approch consisting of helping brands in all their sounds needs in order to assure consistency and quality by producing a truly recongnisable sound identity.

[Hiking on the Moon] How does the creation of a piece of music for an ad or a brand movie, work? Do you compose before seeing any images or once you’ve seen them?
Nicolas Duperron: On this subject we don’t really have any rule or modus operandi, each project/client is different from the other.​ Brands often give us a road book describing the story, the images they hope to get, the casting, etc. With this document we can work on our first inspirations that we present to our client to validate that we are on the right tracks (pun intended).
We can now start the creative process. We can either get only the first rushes of the film which help us propose a tracks to the client that will evolve with time. Or we receive a perfectly finished movie and then we adapt ourselves to it. The first option is the most commun. And then sometimes we only work with our imagination and propose a music, this is rather rare and less obvious but it can be full of surprises!

[Hiking on the Moon] Where do you get inspiration to compose unique musics?
Nicolas Duperron: We listen to every single piece of music that’s published in order to always find new people to work with. Of course blogs, twitter and everything that’s made in communication is interesting to us. In a more global note, our day to day life is full of inspiration: music from movies, sounds from the bus or the tramway, even the specific sound of a bicycle coming our way can be an inspiration.

[Hiking on the Moon] How would you define Quechua’s sonor identity? Which ingredients make it recognizable?
Nicolas Duperron: When we work on an identity project we analyse the brand what it says to people and the messages it wants to send. From there we create a kind of database with different sounds specific to the brand, and from which we will pick up sounds depending on what we want to express: more or less emotion, energy, authenticity. For Quechua it revolves around a woody atmosphere, natural and warm, the kind of sounds you get through acoustic instruments as the piano or the guitar. There is also a notion of space, travel and emotion. And then of course an intimate, more human side, elements that are always there when you hike. When you walk you often hum a little tune, this is why it was really important to have voices in the Quechua sounds.

[Hiking on the Moon] ​Then do you have a favorite song in our playlist? If yes can you tell us which one it is?
Nicolas Duperron:  That’s a trick question because behind each song there’s a story, but if I had to choose one I’d go with “follow your star”, it was our first song for Quechua, it is the cornerstone of your sound identity. It’s the one that reflects all of the Quechua’s values and it opened the door to an incredible collaboration that’s now 4 years old.

It’s your turn dear readers! Tell us which song is your favorite. And for the curious ones who want to know which video is hidden behing which song go this way. 😉

Below, let’s meet the 3 associates of the Chut on vous écoute and a small part of their world!

Studio Chut on vous écoute Lille

Studio Chut on vous écoute quechua

Studio Chut on vous écoute composition musique quechua

playlist quechua

Studio Chut on vous écoute identité sonore batterie

Studio Chut on vous écoute identité sonore



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