Our tips to prepare a bivouac

With all those beautiful days that are taking shape, it’s time to think about deploying your tent in the wilderness! To do so, the Hiking on the Moon’s team gives you his tips to prepare a bivouac.

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Sleeping in the mountains is a very enchanting experience. In order to ensure that your outdoor nights are as pleasant as possible, here are the key steps to a successful bivouac!

1: Security first!

Like camping, there are a number of safety principles and laws associated with bivouacking. Several days before your departure, we recommend the following:
– Check the weather forecast for your destination site.
– Make enquiries about the applicable regulations, you cannot pitch a tent wherever you want.
– Check your equipment if you have not used it for a while (pitching your tent, emergency repair kit, utensils for your cookset, groundsheet, etc.)

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2: Choose carefully your location

A golden rules? Always put safety first, before the beauty of the countryside first. You’re here to sleep after all! And you can take your diner or breakfast few meters further if the view is better.

The location of your bivouac must be:

– a neutral area, that is far away from any cultivated fields, areas with animals or rivers.
– a flat piece of land, to avoid slipping during the night, to ensure as much comfort as possible and guard against the formation of a puddle should it rain.
– a surface that is sheltered from wind. For that, it’s advisable to pitch your tent facing the mountain to prevent ascending gusts of wind from striking the sheet with full force.

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3. Maximize your confort! 

Last but not least, some tips for a luxury night:

– Having one torch per person in order to ensure the safety of everyone’s movements.
– Having an additional water bottle in order to put out the embers of your campfire when you go to sleep
– Protecting yourself from the cold at night, which can be quite extreme, even in summer. A good mattress and a suitable sleeping bag (mummy bags, for example, provide excellent coverage of the body) should do the job.
– Protecting yourself from the dew at dawn, particularly when bivouacking in the open air. A waterproof and breathable overbag can prevent this type of inconvenience. For extra comfort, you can add a liner.
– Do not arouse the sense of smell of the surrounding animals by leaving leftovers of your meal near to the tent. Cleaning the cookset and securely storing the provisions will ensure you have a peaceful night.
– Make sure that you can make coffee at dawn by slipping your gas cartridge into your sleeping bag at night. This advice will prevent the gas from freezing overnight!

Now, you’ve got all the tips to prepare a bivouac so it’s time to choose your destination, pack your backpack and go to adventure. Do not forget to share with us your best pictures :) #hikingonthemoon

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