Travelling with the bees

We do not necessarily have to go far away to travel. Sometimes simple pictures or fragances transport us around the world. It happens with honey, which have a different flavor from one country to the other, or from one mountain to the other! Between pine tree, acacia, lavender, dandelion, chestnut, lime tee, or rosemary, you can vary your breakfast’s destinations every day!

With Gaël Desmoucelles, a passionate young photographer, we plunge into the heart of a mountain swarm of thousand of bees. Some of them will also travel, since the beekeeper on the picture came to take away a young queen, helping her to create a new swarm.

05-09 Apicultures__001_DSC_9236_MD

05-09 Apicultures__002_DSC_9250_MD

05-09 Apicultures__003_DSC_9260_MD

05-09 Apicultures__004_DSC_9275_MD

05-09 Apicultures__005_DSC_9280_MD

05-09 Apicultures__006_DSC_9288_MD

05-09 Apicultures__007_DSC_9294_MD

05-09 Apicultures__008_DSC_9299_MD

05-09 Apicultures__009_DSC_9300_MD

05-09 Apicultures__010_DSC_9308_MD

05-09 Apicultures__011_DSC_9311_MD

05-09 Apicultures__012_DSC_9316_MD

Photo credit: Gaël Desmoucelles



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