Trip to Jordan

Are you tempted by a trip to Jordan? Watching these aerial images captured by drone you will measure all the greatness and the beauty of this country at the crossroad of humanity. 

Located in the Middle East, Jordan is the ultimate heterogeneous destination that will seduce as well history lovers as sportsmen. The différent civilizations and kingdoms who strode across this land left a trace behind them, reflected today in the rich cultural heritage. To mention just a few, the beautiful lost city of Petra, carved into the soft sandstones by the Nabataeans, is part of the Jordan’s most valuable treasure. If you’re a hiker, you will love to walk or to bivouac in the desert of Wadi Rum, in the Dana Biosphere Reserve or also the arid canyon of Wadi Mujib.

Whatever are your activities during your trip to Jordan, you will be immersed in the Arabian’s traditions and will undoubtedly be affected by the constant hospitality of this country.

For a first taste of these amazing and mysterious landscapes, watch the following video of the Matador Network, filmed et edited by Scott Sporleder and Ross Borden.

Jordan from the Air from Matador Network.

randonnée jordanie

jordan desert

jordan from the air

petra jordan

visite petra jordanie

voyage en jordanie

wadi rum jordanie



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