Turkey, a country of a thousand faces

Did you ever visit Turkey? Because today’s video is a real invitation to discover the diverse faces of this country.

We speak about diverse faces because Turkey is a country where diversity is the queen, as well in terms of landscapes, as culture and people.
The director Leonardo Dalessandri spent 20 days in this land of colors, authenticity, history and cosmopolitanism. Amazing pictures are born from this tri of 3500 km. From North to South, Leonardo Dalessandri put emphasis on the Turkish soul, that is to say its people, their smile and their hospitality!

Watchtower of Turkey de Leonardo Dalessandri.

Watchtower of Turkey

Watchtower of Turkey2

Watchtower of Turkey4

Watchtower of Turkey5

Watchtower of Turkey6

Watchtower of Turkey7

Watchtower of Turkey8

Watchtower of Turkey10

Watchtower of Turkey11

Watchtower of Turkey13

Watchtower of Turkey14

Watchtower of Turkey15



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