Watchtower of Morocco, by Leonardo Dalessandri.

With all his videos, Leonardo Dalessandri is able to change our habits, even if we stay behind our computers. His secret? Capture moments of life, places of exchange, atmospheres or eye expression. An immersion in the true beauty of the streets of Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes el Bali and Casablanca!

By filming people in their daily life, in their workplace for example, and by focusing on the specificities of the country’s, as spices, weavers’ workshops or souks, this film maker manages to reflect the beauty of the visited country. His beautiful images make you share the life in the harbor, in the markets, on the roads, but also the life of children playing and dancing.

If you like this movie dedicated to Morroco, let’s have a look on the 2 previous articles dedicated to Leonardo’s works: “Turkey, a country of a thousand faces” and “These things take time“. And to follow him, here is the link of his facebook page:

Watchtower of Morocco from Leonardo Dalessandri.

Watchtower of Morocco 5

Watchtower of Morocco 7

Watchtower of Morocco 1














Watchtower of Morocco 3

Watchtower of Morocco 2

Watchtower of Morocco 4

Watchtower of Morocco 6

Watchtower of Morocco 8

Watchtower of Morocco



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