Waves vs. Mountains, by Ray Collins

Today is a highlight of the remarkable work of the Australian photographer Ray Collins. Passionnated by the waves since 2007, he captures them at the top of their cresting, just before disappearing into the water. At this precise time, they look like unshakeable mountain peaks.

Once in the water, on his surf, Ray loves photographing these ephemeral moments and takes pleasure from playing with the relationship between water and light. This is exactly what drives him to peel himself out of bed in the dark each morning! He explains on his website that he “feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land”.

We are not the only one to love his pictures since he already get a lot of rewards. The last one? Being among of the Smithsonian Photo Competition 2015 finalists!

All his amazing pictures are part of his book titled “Found at Sea” and available on his website: www.raycollinsphoto.com. You can also follow him on Instagram: @raycollinsphoto.

Ray Collins - des montagnes d'eau - photographe mer

Ray Collins - mountain of water - sea photographer

Ray Collins - mountain waves - montagnes d'eau

Ray Collins - photographe mer - montagnes d'eau

Ray Collins - sea photographer - mountains of water - wave photography

Ray Collins - sea photographer - mountains of water

Ray Collins - wave photographe - photos vague

Ray Collins - wave photography - photos vague - sea photographer

Seascapes - paysages marins - Ray Collins

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