When geometry gets on well with nature!

Javier Riera is a Spanish artist who combine wonderfully nature and geometry! Thanks to geometric shaped light projections and games of superimposition he brings us in an other dimension!

Through his work, Javier Riera wishes to experience real intervention onto “the space and time of the landscape”. This approach is quite closed to the Land Art, a practice where nature is a backdrop and its materials a support to create art work. We already introduced you to this art with the crazy stone sculptures of Michel Grab.

For more information about Javier Riera’s work, go to: www.javierriera.es

Javier Riera nature landscape and geometry

Javier Riera géometrie et paysage

Javier Riera geometry shape in the landscape 1

Javier Riera geometry shape in the landscape

Javier Riera nature et géométrie

Javier Riera nature landscape

Javier Riera paysage et géométrie

Javier Riera paysage et lumière



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