With a tent around Europe

This is the story of a few guys who had four weeks of spare time, two Quechua pop up tents, one car, and no plan of where to go or what to do. That was what made the vacation an adventure!

For Hiking on the Moon, Lennart Wittstock and Lenard Gutfleisch A.K.A LenArts-Prod came back to their travel through France, Spain, Portugal and Andora, during which they always tried to do something new and get out of their comfort-zone.

” In order to have enough money for gas, we tried to spend as less money as possible for everything else. On our way we did not even think about sleeping at a Hostel. We always searched for the most awesome place to cook our food, have a campfire and go to bed.
We slept on beaches, in the forest, an abandoned house and in a refugee container-camp. 

But there is one place that sticks out of them all. We were on an island in France called “Ile de Ré”. It was late and we did not find a place to sleep yet. It was hard to find a relaxed place and we did not want to get woken up by someone telling us to get lost. After a while, we saw this raft on the middle of the beach. It was low tide so we could go there easily and place our tent on it. We only took what we really needed and left the rest in the car, except for the camera. 

We went to sleep with a strange feeling. Over the night the high tide came and when we woke up, the raft was surrounded by the sea.
It was one of the most epic mornings in my life. Opening the tent and enjoying the view.
Later on that day we became a local celebrity because all the people recognized us as “The guys who slept on that raft”. That was pretty cool!

But traveling with a low-budget also means, containering at supermarkets or using the public shower at the beach, to clean yourself and your plates from the cooking sessions last night. But after a while we found out that life is much easier if you sneak into 4 star campsites to get or warm shower or even use the swimming pool.

If I learned one thing from this trip, then it is this: no matter what the situation is. It is always just a situation, if you see it as a problem or a challenge or a disaster or and adventure is just a question of perspective. And in my eyes a problem and good friends are, what adventures are made of.”

Mit dem Zelt um die Welt de LenART’s Productions.

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