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“Your adventure” is the section where you take the floor to tell us your trip wilderness trip.  Through episodes, you make us (re)discover your hikes and treks and share the paths and routes that seduced you.
Adventure stories, photo reports, advice and tips are at the heart of this section, where you share your own way of living the mountain! #YourMountain


In this ultimate episode, Jean-François came back to this strange feeling inspired by the midnight sun: “If there was only one reason to travel to the polar zone, that would be it! The unique experience of a permanent day, when the night becomes a vague memory. This moment is as unique as precious“.

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In this second episode, and after introducing the Hornstrandir peninsula, Jean-François gives a portrayal of the arctic fox, also called vulpes lagopus. Sometimes curious and sometimes shy, you should quickly fall in love with this polar animal that changes colors according to the season ! 

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