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Hiking on the moon es una revista trimestral creada de principio a fin por el equipo de Quechua. El objetivo de la revista es compartir contigo la infinidad de posibilidades que la naturaleza ofrece. Centrada tanto en temas de montaña como de viajes, Hiking On The Moon te ofrece una fabulosa aventura en el exterior que te hará disfrutar del aire libre. Adéntrate en increíbles relatos de viaje, descubre los testimonios de los mayores amantes de la naturaleza, disfruta de imágenes fuera de lo normal y encuentra todo sobre el mundo del senderismo y el trail. Da igual donde estés: Hiking On The Moon es como una brisa fresca que se llevará tu imaginación a lugares increíbles.

HKG#11 by Quechua: Mythical Journeys

Here is the last issue of the Hiking on the Moon magazine, made by Quechua, dedicated to “Mythical Journeys”.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has taken to the road, embarking upon extraordinary journeys. For some, it’s a quest for food to ensure the survival of their family, particularly through trade; for others, it’s about looking for unknown lands to explore.

We recommend that you get out there too and explore some of these tracks, trails and other legendary routes, steeped in history. A road trip adventure means freedom; it’s an opportunity for reflection, fascinating encounters and rediscovering life’s simple pleasures, which although basic are nonetheless very powerful.

From Chile’s Carretera Austral, to the GR20 that snakes across the Corsican mountains, to New Zealand’s Great Walks, the Trans-Siberian railway and the sacred trail of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, our selection of legendary journeys will charm the backpacker in you. For those put off by the idea of such a nomadic existence, we try to convince you otherwise, drawing on the testimonies of backpackers from all walks of life to challenge your preconceived ideas about travel. Finally, when it comes to new features, this edition has not been overlooked: the section “Profile” is devoted to men and women with a genuine passion whose aspirations really motivate and energize us.

So come on, get going!

Con su fuerte componente visual, la revista ha ido adquiriendo estátus de coleccionista.

La edición impresa, de carácter limitado, se halla tan sólo en algunos centros Decathlon. Esta sección contiene información en formato digital sobre las últimas publicaciones y anteriores revistas de Quechua.

¡Buen viaje!

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